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and · then · i · know · that · i'm · · good · as · dead

confusion. death

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i dont know how i feel.
well this was a little while ago, we were at the mall and i put on that headband and it reminded you of your ex, i dont know why. it scared me, freaked me out. why does it remind you of her, is it a good memorie? you smiled so i figured it was good. i sabotage my relationships, i wonder if i can have any. maybe i'm suppossed to be alone. i dont want to be alone though. i don't know. maybe everything was rushed. we don't talk as much, maybe because you are working. for some reason i got angry when you put on the family guy. haha i had a headache. i thought it was inconsiderate, like you forgot about me, like you didnt love me. i know its weird. i hate myself, i cant really stand myself sometimes, i hate that i always cry, its weak, i cry everynight, for various reasons, secretive ones and not so ones. can i ever be satisfied? why is it so difficult for me to answer simple questions , i cant be around anyone maybe. im not perfect.

there was no call. haha only when i was sad. .. i can be pathetic for no apparent reason.
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On November 2nd, 2011 11:31 am (UTC), marieuka commented:
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