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loose some weight.
havent talked to anyone.
everything is everywhere.
need that metal box.
birthday will suck.
ive nver had anything real.
realized that because i watch or read those stupid victorian novels.
damn it.
why cant life be like that.
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got a new job. i think so at least. very confusing here. getting out just when i was settleing in. stuck in life. get out.
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almost done moving. a lot of dirtbikes around where i live. didnt get to hang out with neil. lameness. argh. have to prepare a 21st birthday thing. restaurant. eep. not talking to anyone. invite everyone. make them pay for their own food. ahaha. not an expensive place of course. job. woop. tomorrow and tuesday. 6 hours of orientation. woop. they get bonuses heres. so if i stay for a least a year which i most certantly will i could get like a 1000 dollar bonus. woop. good stuff. oh yea thom yorke rules even more immensely, oh yea . more important than me. mom and sis got in car accident no big deal except we didnt have insurance and some lame o .hit them. what an ass. i dont know. this has made a series of more problems. novela pantanal was finished.
man is the only person that spits the water that is given to him.
nice novela. except for the castration part. sad for that. and the old man dying. cried a little.
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and i plan to be. always be positive. even though some of my thoughts start out mean then they end happy. haha.
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i went out to Rubys last night. not sure of what the night would bring. i should have been home by the time i told mother i would be home but i wasnt.
Watched revenge of the nerds.all fun. some of ruby's friends came. no prob seemed cool.
somehow they were talking about spirits and i didnt care. then god. still didnt care. oh wait what are you catherine , an atheist? i say doesnt matter. not into god ways whatever. if you don't repent your ways you will go to hell. i believe in some celestial power. if you dont accept jesus as the lord and savior . you are forever condemned to firey gates of hell. wait what about all the other religions. why should they go to hell. it doesnt matter catherine. they are heathens therefore their punishment is hell, if anyone has heard of the lord jesus and denies him as the savior of all our souls and he died for oUr SINS. catherine. talking about things. it isnt fair that they go to hell. i dont believe in that. well thats how it is catherine. and you are wrong for believing otherwise we can only hope that you will change. i talk about some things. family, i cried when i started talking more. i felt attacked. i wasnt even mean to anyone, like i would have done before, been cynical, i simply didnt care but no one else cares either, about you. only them. only they get salvation. i must say that everyone attacked me. felt weird when i cried. i think crying is my self defense. last night i was going to write something else. my thoughts have since cooled, and my head has stopped its dizziness and i dont feel like throwing up anymore. oh yea and i think all of them are voting for hillary clinton. all i can say is life is a bitch don't vote for one. hahaha. fuck you. also i will see the passion of the christ and not cry but just check out that jim civiziel? guy. he seems hot. so i feel . yea betrayed. i never cared about their Jesus ways but i was attacked.
Hanging out with pagans and non believers will soon begin. move away. hang out with old friends. you guys are great.
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a. apparently.

Hair is getting too long

My face is a machine

and I do

This is my face now.

Hat a go go

The right way

It is used in the head.

Where are my eyes. gouged .

wowness of extremely shiny nose. fatter . better. harder.

it all fit. i think i will have to go out. damn.
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curious curious
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spanish commercial about penis enlargement? or pleasure. extreme sexual pleasure
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. yea . a lotta magazines for 25 cents each. i will be soon a cowboy. anyway. hairs really long. too much. wheres my bob. i like dark haired boys. at least in the movies haha. i was just thinking that heath ledger had dark hair in 10 things i hate about you and now his hair is blondish? , i dont understand. haha. well i was reading some articles. and i cant find all these papers that i need. i think i packed them away. fucking damn.
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