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and · then · i · know · that · i'm · · good · as · dead


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oh we more than just met now. the party was great. hahaha first kiss in the street, phone numbers exchanged. glad that you're in my life. it doesn't feel lonely anymore. hmm cookies we had today. i'm happy when you tell me i'm beautiful, i feel beautiful. second day was fun , i forgot what we did. i think we went to victoria gardens and looked at the stores, and visited veronica. and we were lost. fun times , kisses in the car. hmm i think then we just hanged out in your house, and listened to music, kissed a lot; tried to put your music into my ipod, muse cd and irish love stories book.. your friends came over, fun times, more kisses, intense. dinner made by greg, very good, only had few bites. drunk people, warm bed , bouncy. haha . no one hear anything; i think. have been great days so far, farmers market , my friends like you and they say we act cute together. must get pictures.
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